This week’s “Community Studio Spotlight” is a simple one: we want to celebrate the amazing ideation that happens in our artists’ journals. Last summer, each Community Studio artist received a small journal thanks to donations from our supporters. We started each class with a few minutes of free drawing, which produced some amazing results. We also used the journals to plan for our projects, respond to prompts, and sometimes even write poetry. Here are some examples of our artists’ journals.Stay tuned later this week for excerpts from Francesca‘s notebook, which will give a comprehensive picture of our activities over the last six months. And look out for further announcements about our 2018 programming!

Posted by:SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing

SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing was a process of serial socially engaged research facilitated by artists Francesca Fiore and Hillary Wagner in collaboration with the rural community of Bethel in Appalachian Ohio. From 2017 to 2019 SOIL SERIES took many forms including conversations, public programs, projects, and collective imagining. A drawing in the most expansive sense, SOIL SERIES was an exercise in relational mark-making. By creating the conditions for new conversations and possibilities around artmaking, the public, and social imagination, SOIL SERIES proposed social drawing as the generative engine for community-initiated action.

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