11172005_10206615805775508_1014774173_oEmpower Youth

We are proud to work in partnership with local non-profit organization Empower Youth. Founded in February of 2015 in response to rising concerns over food insecurity and opioid addiction, Empower Youth aims to provide some relief to overburdened schools, government agencies, and centers of worship in Bethel. Stating as its mission a partnership with children “in hopes of instilling in them the confidence and resources needed to break through the chains of generational poverty,” Empower Youth has become a vital resource for at-risk Bethel students through its food bags and mentorship programming.

In April of 2017, a local bank, Community Savings, gifted Empower Youth a foreclosed 15-acre ranch to aid in the organization’s expansion. The Empower Youth Ranch (or EY Ranch) has since become the home of Empower Youth’s operations and an active community hub thanks to the leadership and dedication of Empower Youth’s directors, Lori and Scott Conley, along with their hard working volunteers, interns, and supporters. 

In June of 2017 we had the pleasure of working with the Empower Youth community to create the Barn Studio, which is now home to the SOIL SERIES Community Studio Program, a free art program for all ages. We view our Community Studio Program as an extension of Empower Youth’s mission to provide nourishment, mentorship, and opportunity to Bethel’s youth while imagining new possibilities for Bethel’s future.

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