Community Studio

in partnership with Empower Youth

Community Studio is a free public art program for all ages offered in partnership with Empower Youth. The program, which had its first session in the summer of 2017, offers local residents a dedicated time and site for creativity. Guided by SOIL SERIES artists, Francesca Fiore and Hillary Wagner, Community Studio artists are invited to investigate place through making. All are welcome!

The focus of our 2018 session is finding ways to connect participants to local history and tradition. Each week we will provide a profile of a Bethel (or area) resident who is creative in some way – a portrait of a local person and how they make something. Our goal is to offer a survey of possibilities and options for how to be a creative person in Bethel – especially a creative person whose making is in dialogue with the place and its rich traditions. Out of the encounter with each new person, we will facilitate projects that will be carried out using a variety of materials to help participants connect more deeply to their home, their identity, and to one another.



The Newport/Bethel Project

in partnership with Northern Kentucky University, the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement (at NKU), and Newport Independent Schools

The Newport/Bethel Project is an exciting new program we are offering in partnership with Northern Kentucky University, the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement (at NKU), and Newport Independent Schools. We have teamed up with Steven Finke of NKU’s Spatial Arts Department to create this unique opportunity for high school students in Newport, KY and Bethel, OH to make art in NKU’s sculpture studios. Together we will research the histories of Newport and Bethel, reaching across historic borders and calling attention to the area’s complex history of abolitionism and segregation while inviting dialogue between those of urban and rural experience. Participating students will use sculpture and performance to understand the two sites and ask important questions about history, identity, and place. The resulting artwork will then be exhibited at both sites, inviting the local communities to participate in the conversation.


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