SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing is a collaborative effort that relies entirely on a network of supporters. Thanks to generous contributions from friends and supporters we were able to renovate the Barn Studio and complete our first session of the Community Studio Program in 2017. Thank you to all who contributed to those efforts!

Still, much of the funding for SOIL SERIES comes from us: Francesca and Hillary – and although we were happy to provide the initial funding to kickstart the project, we now need a sustainable funding strategy that matches our commitment to long-term change in Bethel. Here are some ways you can help:


Become a monthly patron of a Community Studio or Bird Closet artist

Although we have concluded the 2018 Community Studio session, we are still in need of funds and supplies to help defray the costs of our programming this summer. In addition, we need your help to produce Bird Closet‘s billboards and zines (Fraxinus), and for our upcoming Bird Closet exhibition at Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Schnormeier Gallery! This is such an amazing opportunity for the young people involved as they will have the chance to participate in a professional art exhibition at a university gallery.

We need a group of generous individuals to become patrons of our incredible artists. A small monthly contribution on your part will go a long way toward providing our artists the resources they need.

To become a monthly patron, check out our Patreon or click on the link below:

Become a Patron!

Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to get paid using a monthly subscription model. Patrons of SOIL SERIES can choose between 5 tiers of patronage ranging from $1 – $50/ month. We receive 95% of all contributions and patrons can cancel at any time. Please contact us with any questions!

A special thank you to Project Patron, Tim Hubbell, for his generous support!


Contribute with PayPal

Another way you can give is by contributing via Paypal. *Please note: At this time contributions to SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing are not tax-deductible. However, we can offer you a hand-written thank you note and/or an original drawing by a participating artist!*

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Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 10.29.28 PM

At the $50 level you are sponsoring one of Bird Closet’s billboards and we will mention your name on all promotional materials!

At the $100 level you are sponsoring Bird Closet’s upcoming exhibition, and we will name you on all promotional materials!

Any and all amounts are appreciated! Thank you for your support!


Contribute supplies

You can also help us achieve our goals by donating secondhand books and art supplies or by purchasing items off our Amazon Wishlist.



Thank you so much for your support and follow us for more updates!