Video: What’s happening with SOIL SERIES?

Hello everyone! Francesca and Hillary here. We would like to break our recent silence by catching you up on what’s been happening with SOIL SERIES.

It’s no secret – we love conversation. We spend so many hours in conversation: brainstorming, problem solving, honing ideas and ethical positions, discussing research, and sharing and working through our personal and creative lives together. Over the last couple of years, we have come to recognize how “conversation-based” our collaboration and our respective art practices truly are. Everything that has come about so far in SOIL SERIES began with a conversation and we view conversation as a methodology that is foundational to our work.

Going forward, we want to find new ways to better extend our ongoing conversation to all of you. Our goal for the online presence of SOIL SERIES, is to increase in transparency, accessibility, immediacy, and intimacy. In that effort, we have made this video. It’s an update on what is currently happening for us, in our lives and work, but also a discussion about what has been and what is to come for SOIL SERIES. We invite you to watch the video but then please do reach out to us! We sincerely want to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for several more blog posts and updates. We are happy and excited to be back online and in conversation with Bethel!

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